Summer Transition Overview

Connections: A Summer Leadership Experience for Freshmen


Eighth grade teachers get it. They see it on the faces of their students every spring: concern, nervousness, anxiety, and ignorance about this move to high school. It’s not just a change of address.

There is something unique about the move to high school. Adulthood is just around the corner. Famous high school athletes attend there. There’s Prom and Homecoming and graduation and walking the halls with students that shave. It’s different.

In the summer of 2010 we took a remedial program and redesigned it. We changed the emphasis to what we could do really well in ten days: Make 20% of our freshman super smart about high school and cast a vision for how high school operates. We could take away some of the worry and replace it with a knowledge of the building, the people, and the way successful students do high school. We felt we could improve level of success and we felt we could equip them to help their friends do the same.    

We call it Connections. We believe that the structures and ideas that have worked for us during the last five years can work for any high school.

Thank you for your interest in freshmen. We hope this blog is helpful and will act as a springboard for you to develop ways to welcome your next class of graduates.

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