The Six Realities: A Rubric to Evaluate Awareness!

There are six realities that students who do well in high school understand:

  1. Eating, sleeping, and relaxing matter.
  2. Homework is more than an assignment and it’s every day.
  3. Obeying your teachers is painful but not wrong.
  4. Put stuff where it goes  . . . Now!
  5. Getting an education is worth it!
  6. Asking for help in class takes courage.

I wrote about these in an earlier blog. If students miss any of these, they don’t do as well as those that seek to expand and develop these realities.

These realities came out of my work with a 1st period class I taught for young men coming out of placement, having trouble in school, or just needing a place to decompress from the world in which they lived to the world of school.

During class I kept finding myself saying the same thing again and again. These statements evolved into The Six Realities of a High School Graduate.

I then started to reverse engineer my class so that I was creating an awareness of these realities through the words, actions, and activities in the classroom.

This then lead to the other axis of the grid that is attached below. I realized that students had different levels of understanding regarding these realities:

Unconscious – No clue the reality exists. It was not a factor in decision-making.

Interested – Sounds like a good idea. It’s in the conscious brain. Positive and appropriate action is taken from time-to-time.

Committed – A desire to make this reality happen. It’s not perfection but persistence that marks these students.

It’s been a very helpful grid for me in talking to students and moving them to a new level of awareness.

The Six Realities Rubric


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